A Journey Through Time and Space


Here we go again. 


Doctor Who + “I swear this show actually makes sense…”




30 Day Summer Time Doctor Who Challenge- Day 15-Which regeneration of the Doctor would you most like to meet and why? 

Kind of an obvious answer here, but how could we not pick our favourite Doctor? We’d love to meet him and see him acting all stroppy and grumpy, but also silly and childish. He could also introduce us to Ian!

Just think he’d be an interesting man to observe and get to know. He’d drive you crazy but also make you laugh with his shenanigans! He’s a very curious man even though he protests, so you know you’d always be in for an adventure. He can also be very kindhearted. It would be even better if his TARDIS actually worked because we’d really love to get home one day after some travelling! Can we throw in Ian, Barbara and Susan as well, and meet the entire original team TARDIS? Better yet, we’ll invite them over for tea and cakes. 

Which regeneration would you most like to meet?


I used being on a plane at sunrise as an opportunity to play with my circular polarizer, and got some colorful results.




Find Your Doctor Who Birthday Episode!

With a show that’s been around for as long as Doctor Who has, there have been a lot (A LOT) of episodes. And maybe at some point you’ve thought to yourself “Hey, I wonder what episode premiered on my birthday!” We think things like this all the time. 


Up until now the question plagued our minds with no easy answer. We spent many sleepless nights pondering the thought, tossing and turning in our Adipose beds thinking “What episode premiered on our birthday? What episode premiered on our birthday How can we possibly find out

This was a clear moment of weakness, as we forgot that the internet existed and it was something we could just search. But why do that when you can just go to tardisday.com? Enter your birthday and bam! It’s as easy as 


How cool is this?


literally the titanic of ships


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